Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crepe Inspiration

When it comes to providing inspirational onslaught of flavors for a cook, Barcelona takes the cake. Or the flan. Or the palmera de chocolate.

Or in this case, the crepe. Anyone who likes food must spend some time in La Boqueria marketplace when visiting Barcelona, and this visit I made a new discovery inside its vast maze. "Creps de Barcelona," serving up some of the most beautiful crepes I've ever seen. I first fell for crepes in the main Los Angeles farmer's market, nurtured my affection for them at "The Skinny Pancake" in Burlington, Vermont and finally, learned to make them. After slaving over my own tiny thin circles of batter, I have a new appreciation for the crepe artist pictured above. Wow.

Since I'm in Barcelona and sans kitchen at the moment, here are some other bloggers crepe posts if you want to try them out at home. My favorite fillings are tiny cubes of white cheddar with thin slices of apples and berries with nutella, but really, the sky's the limit.

David Lebovitz's Buckwheat Crepes

Cooking with Amy's Basic Crepes

Chocolate and Zucchini's Des Crepes

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  1. Hi Betsy! Just stumbled onto your blog because of the crepe posting. I've never seen crepes laid out like that -- yes, he is a true artist! I love fruit with nutella in mine as well. Would you consider posting your opinion on your favorite crepe filling on my page for the best crepe recipe in the world? We've got some friendly dialogue on the subject! Thanks for sharing!